Contractors and Home Improvement

We are focused on helping homeowners from all walks of life enjoy safer, healthier and more comfortable homes. We want to help homeowners save money on their energy and insurance costs.

Home Improvement

The Chamber has joined with SELF which offers home improvement loans based on your ability to repay, not your credit score. These loans are unsecured and do not attach to your property like programs through similar for-profit entities.SELF helps with completion of your home improvement project (i.e. new roof, replacement air conditioner) and pre-screens all contractors, checks pricing, and provides project management from start to finish.Home Improvement Loans. SELF approves home improvement loans based on your ability to pay, not your credit score. If you are a veteran, senior, female head-of-household, disabled, low-income, or someone with poor credit: SELF has a special lending program for you.

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This partnership is especially important in communities like Miami Gardens which have an older housing stock and families that may not be able to afford their home improvement projects. If you join the Miami Gardens Chamber of Commerce at the Professional level or higher and are an approved SELF contractor, your company will be featured at our upcoming workshops to homeowners and highlighted on this page. To apply to become a SELF contractor, click here and go to the

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